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IPv4 to IPv6 transition in an Enterprise

Hi all,

My organization was planning IPv4 to IPv6 transition of the complete network.

These are some details of the the connectivity used. (Also see the attached WAN diagram )

1. Site A, Site B and Site C are connected using MPLS VPN from two different ISPs.

2. Each Site have their own independent Internet connections from various ISPs.

3. LAN IPs are in the range of and OSPF used inside LAN.

4. For internet at locations, various public IPs are given by the respective ISPs.

5. For MPLS, our router to PE router, IPs are used and with BGP protocols.

6. A Structure of the WAN is attached with this. I am just showing three Sites for an example. Actually we have about 500+ Sites and we are using SAP ERP for the buisiness managment. Is there any effect of IPv6 on these ?


1. Should I only do the transition in the public domain ? ( Each Site host some web applications with their own web servers with Public IPs from different ISPs ).

2. Should i change my complete IPs to IPv6 ??

3. Since we are using different ISPs for intenet at Sites, should we use Provider independent IPv6 ?

4. Should I change the 172.31 IP used for eBGP connection with MPLS PE to be changed to IPv6 ?

5. I read that Dual Stack is a better solution. Where to activate Dual stack ? Is it in the routers or all the servers and PC accross the organization.

Thanks in Advance


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IPv4 to IPv6 transition in an Enterprise


You might want to start with some reading on this topic. There are multiple ways to answer your question, it might make sense to sit down with your CIsco rep or AS engineer.

Readig material:

I would suggest BRKRST-2312 from Cisco Live 2014 by Jim Bailey and Yenu Gobena.

BRKRST-2304 by Andrew Yourtchenko will also be a good read.

As well as BRKRST-2667  and  maybe even BRKSPG-2603.



Cisco Employee

IPv4 to IPv6 transition in an Enterprise

Another CL good pointer: BRKRST-2301: Enterprise IPv6 Deployment Strategies by Jim Bailey

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