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IPv6 address autoconfiguration vs static on SF302-08P

I've just installed a 302-08P in my office so that we can get our VoIP trunks into our office, so my officemate and I can actually test

the phones before we hand them out. (Can't do that easily with the 1 RJ-45 facilities gave us...)

I noticed that I can not enable IPv6 address autoconfiguration for the management interface, as well as set a static IPv6 address.

This seems wrong: I want the device to always AC an address: it makes bonjour and renumbering much easier. But,

I want to give the device a static IP for purposes like management, DNS, etc.  If this unit failed, I'd replace it but it's address would not change.

IPv6 hosts (which the management interface is) should be completely happy with having multiple addresses on an interface, not just

having addresses from multiple prefixes.  What gives?

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