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IPv6 Nat64 configuration in ASA

Hi All,

I am planning to implement a ipv6 network , and i have an ASA 5510 with ios version 9.1, ILL is connected on the outside interface with ipv4 ip (

So my first task is to allow inside ipv6 network (2001:abc:abc::/64) to communicate to ipv4 internet.

Can any body, provide me a sample configuration for the same in ASA , i think it is called as IPv6 Nat64.




IPv6 Nat64 configuration in ASA

You will need to PAT the addresses given the large number of IPv6 hosts that you have.

See the following guide for details

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New Member

IPv6 Nat64 configuration in ASA

The release notes concur:

My big question: Does the ASA/PIX DNS inspection agent automatically handle A record converstion to AAAA /96 mapping of records?

Will try to research. ~BAS

Update: apparently it does handle DNS mapping:

IPv6 Nat64 configuration in ASA

NAT64 is even worse for applications than NAT44, so that is probably a last resort.  Typically it's only used by people who have no last mile v4 transit, e.g. at an LTE4 cellphone network head end.  If you have a public IPv4 address for the outside of yout firewall, can you get an IPv6 allocation of a /48 or better with native routing from your ISP and go with classic dual-stack v4 + v6?  If not, nag your ISP; it's 2013 and the IPv4 experiment is supposed to be ending.

I have native v6 and thus no incentive to do R&D on NAT64, so alas, I can't answer your original question.    

-- Jim Leinweber, WI State Lab of Hygiene

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