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PIX515e dual-stack ipv4 & ipv6 over PPPoE

Hi Everyone,

In short: I am trying to get ipv4 and ipv6 over PPPoE running on my PIX515e.

Heres a bit more info about my setup and the scenario:

My internet provider (residential) has offered me a dual-stack service on my ADSL.

I get a STATIC ipv4 address, but a DYNAMIC ipv6 address. Additionally I get a STATIC ipv6 /56 prefix for my lan "if my router supports prefix delegation".

My PIX is the 515e and its running PIX 7.2(4) with ASDM 5.2.

Getting the ipv4 side of it working isnt an issue - ive configured the pppoe side of it with my username and password, and configured my outside interface (Ethernet 0) with the ipv4 address.

But I cannot figure out how to get a dynamic ipv6 address on the outside (Ethernet 0) interface.

At this stage all I care about is getting a dynamic ipv6 address on Ethernet 0. I dont care about the "lan" prefix or Prefix Delegation part of it because I figure I'll just NAT my lan ipv6 addresses out to the internet using the dyanmic ipv6 address on the outside interface.

Ive read a lot of articles and looked at a lot of examples but none quite explain what im trying to do.

I have enabled ipv6 on the outside interface - ipv6 enable

and ive looked at ipv6 address and ive found the autoconfigure option but that doesnt appear to fetch the ipv6 address from my internet provider.

I guess im expecting to see something like ipv6 address dhcp or ipv6 address pppoe

So my question is does anyone know how I can get dual-stack working on my outside interface with dynamically assigned ipv6 from pppoe.

Or do i need to update the PIX software on my device. If so, can anyone suggest which version?

Any help is greately appreciated.

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