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Blurry Video- Lync


Having some poor video quality between a video endpoint and Lync.

VCS-C: x7.2.1

Lync: 2010


I have configured VCS to communicate with Lync. Users on Lync can call via SIP to VCS registered endpoint. VCS registered endpoints can call Lync. We use FindMe to ring both jabber client and Lync at the same time when user gets video call.

However, the video quality is really sub-par. For example, I have a Lifesize unit registered to VCS. I call a user on Lync. VCS says the call is 1780k, video is blocky, grainey and not very good. I call the same user and and answer via Jabber and its a crystal clear picture. Same cameras, same machine even, different 'endpoint' answering the call.

If the same Lifesize unit calls Lync and tries to do a presentation, the Lync user sees a big blurry mess, really it's not usable to read any text or whatnot. However, if I call the same user and answer with Jabber, the presentation is MUCH MUCH more clear.


I guess my question is: Am i missing somthing with the VCS <-> Lync integration that could be causing these quality issues? or is it just a shortcoming of Lync?

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