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Call Forward Issue with Shared line Call Manager Express


We have an issue with the call forward in a shared line between a Cisco Jabber (SIP) and an IP  Phone 7925  (SCCP) with two lines (one of them, the shared line).

On the phone display, when we try to forward the main line with the Cfwdall in options, we can't do it because this sub-menu doesn't work.

But, on the other hand, when we access to the line through: Right Arrow, Selecting the first Line, Options, and the same Cfwdall option, we did it without problem.

In addition to this, if we disable the "shared-line sip" command, in the "ephone-dn", we can forward the call with the first procedure without problems.

Do you have any idea about this issue?

Our configuration is below.

voice register global
mode cme
port 5060
max-dn 35
max-pool 10
authenticate register
authenticate realm
voicemail 8000
tftp-path flash:
file text
create profile sync 0506418186146256

voice register dn  7
number 3802
call-forward b2bua busy 8000  
call-forward b2bua noan 8000 timeout 24
name Tuomas H
shared-line max-calls 4

voice register pool  7
registration-timer max 720 min 660
id mac 34C0.59E6.F412
session-transport tcp
type CiscoMobile-iOS
number 1 dn 7
dtmf-relay rtp-nte
voice-class codec 1
username tuomash password 3802

sdspfarm units 3
sdspfarm transcode sessions 8
sdspfarm tag 1 transgrempa
sdspfarm tag 2 confgrempa
conference hardware
no auto-reg-ephone
authentication credential cisco cisco
xml user pvadmin password cisco 15
max-ephones 58
max-dn 100
ip source-address 
port 2000
auto assign 1 to 10
auto assign 72 to 74
service phone webAccess 0
timeouts interdigit 5
system message GREMPA
url services  
url authentication  pvphone cisco
user-locale ES
network-locale ES
load 6921 SCCP69xx.9-1-1-0
date-format dd-mm-yy
voicemail 8000
max-conferences 8 gain -6
call-forward pattern .T
call-forward system redirecting-expanded
multicast moh 
port 2000
web admin system name cisco password cisco
transfer-system full-consult dss
transfer-pattern 9.T
transfer-pattern .T
secondary-dialtone 9
login timeout 120 clear 
create cnf-files version-stamp 7960 Jun 20 2014 11:11:41

ephone-template  15
softkeys remote-in-use  Newcall
softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Cfwdall Pickup Gpickup
softkeys seized  Cfwdall Endcall Redial Pickup Gpickup Callback
softkeys connected  Hold Endcall Trnsfer Confrn Acct Park

ephone-dn  7  octo-line
number 3802 no-reg primary
label Tuomas H
description Tuomas H
name Ing Tuomas H
shared-line sip
call-forward busy 8000
call-forward noan 8000 timeout 24
corlist incoming All

ephone-dn  38  octo-line
number 3772 no-reg primary
label Tuomas H
description Tuomas H
name Ing Tuomas H
call-forward busy 8000
call-forward noan 8000 timeout 24
corlist incoming All

ephone  10
device-security-mode none
description Jose Luis Pacheco
mac-address 6400.F179.3D40
ephone-template 15
max-calls-per-button 4
username "tuomash" password 12345
type 7925
button  1:7 

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