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Can't make call after uploading the cisco-jabber.xml

Cisco Jabber clients for windows can't make calls after I uploaded the cisco-jabber.xml to the cucm tfp server,

all the phone numbers are grey.   before that, the jabber clients worked fine.

Below is my cisco-jabber.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"  ?>

- <config version="1.0">

<Client />

- <Directory>






<Options />
<Policies />


is there anything missing in the xml

thanks a lot.


Can't make call after uploading the cisco-jabber.xml


Thanks for the question.

The jabber-config.xml file that you have here would only affect the directory searching function for Jabber so the calling issue shouldn't be related.

Let's start with a Jabber client logged in and find out what the connection status says for Softphone/Deskphone contol modes (Jabber client > Help > Show connection Status).

Depending on what that looks like, you may find out that the phone is registered or not. I would also suggest typing in a phone number on an IP phone and use the same digit string with a Jabber client (where one of the phone control modes shows as connected). When you try to dial a number with Jabber what does do you hear/see? Make sure you aren't using the directory for this call test for now.

The phone component is separate from the directory searching so you may have a situtation where the directory searching comes back with an incorrect number format for making calls however the Jabber client could still make calls.

Try that out and let us know what you find out.

Good Luck,


New Member

Can't make call after uploading the cisco-jabber.xml

Is this the whole config file? It doesnt look formatted correctly, which may in turn cause issues with the client itself.

Brad is correct, verify whether or not the phone is registerring as well.

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