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Cisco Interaction manager (Web Chat) issue

Dear All 

We are facing an error in CIM 4.4.1 that only one of the agents cannot handle more than two chats. We have set the value of maximum chat per agent to Four.
we have configured only one department and one queue. Rest of agents are getting chats normally. Anyone experienced and got its fix.

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Hi Muhammad,I'm planning to

Hi Muhammad,

I'm planning to install CIM and I'm still not able to figure out how to integrate the Chat module in the portal.

Can you kindly guide me to a helpful document?

Thank you in advance.


Community Member

Hi laranoueirI did not try

Hi laranoueir

I did not try integration however i saw the procedure of integration (CIM with UCCE) in the installation guide of CIM. You can check that guide, if do not find it in your guide let me know i will share guide with you.

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Hi Muhammad,What I meant by

Hi Muhammad,

What I meant by how to integrate the chat module in the portal was not the integration with UCCE. Actually I need to know how to link the 'chat with an agent' button in the website with the CIM system.

thank you in advance.


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Ah got you. Login to Admin

Ah got you. 

Login to Admin page. expand department>Service>Chat>Entry points>Default Entry point

on this PAN you will see an icon of Internet Explorer. that is basically HTML code. Copy that code to website for the integration.
Free free if you still have any query.

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Thank you Muhammad.I will try

Thank you Muhammad.

I will try to install and configure cim and will let you know if I have any issue.

Best Regards,


Community Member

Hi Muhammad,If your CIM

Hi Muhammad,

If your CIM deployment is integrated with ICM, try to add a LAA selection node to your script (specifying the SkillGroup in the Consider if text field).

Let me know if this works.

Best regards,

Vinicius Machezini

Community Member

Hi MarcheziniThanks for your

Hi Marchezini
Thanks for your reply. But we are not using CIM integrated.

Muhammad Ahmad

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