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Cisco Jabber cannot make internal call

Dear all,


I have CUCM 10.5, IM & Presence 10.5, Cisco Jabber for Windows 9.7.2. I've added Client Service Framework for Jabber user in CUCM. Jabber user can login, can chat but cannot make call to each other using DN. I haven't configured Partition and CSS, so i suppose Jabber user can make call.

Here i attach the Jabber problem report.



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Do you have a specific SIP

Do you have a specific SIP profile for your CSF(jabber) devices. This SIP profile should have checked the "Use Fully Qualified Domain Name in SIP Requests" and also check the box for "Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP"

Obviously you need the correct device and line CSS for these devices.

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Hi jwarcop, I was calling the

Hi jwarcop,


I was calling the other Jabber using DN, not using SIP URI. I think "Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP" is used to share presentation, not for call related feature. What do you think?



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Do you have each DN in a

Do you have each DN in a partition and each device assigned a CSS with this partition in its list?

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Hi jwarcop, Yes. That's what

Hi jwarcop,


Yes. That's what make me wonder why this issue happened.



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Do you have the user assigned

Do you have the user assigned to the line appearance? Also, have you verified the device is registering to CUCM?

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you are correct allow BFCP is

you are correct allow BFCP is used only for desktop share. Can you click help / show connection status on the jabber screen to confirm if the softphone is getting registered at all ? Do you see a computer icon on the rt hand bottom corner of the jabber screen or do you see a red X.

Do you hear an announciator error message or do you hear just get a fast busy. Can you ensure that you are using " Default Sip profile" and then re test with CSF. What is the version of the windows PC where you have installed Jabber ?

Also for the logs above can you tell me the calling and called party internal extension ?


Based on your answer i can suggest the next step.

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Hi,Did you solve this problem


Did you solve this problem? I have the same problem. Device is registred to CUCM but cannot make call. I hear busy signal whan make call.

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