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Cisco Jabber over VPN



I have a customer using Cisco Jabber for Windows and Jabber for iPhpone (over VPN, not Expressway)


If he's having an IM conversation on his iPhone, and the VPN drops, obviously his conversation drops.  What happens to IMs that are sent to him in the meantime?  He is expecting them to either appear on his Windows client (if it's open at the time) or re-appear on his iPhone when the VPN connection resumes.  Currently it appears that neither is happening.





Cisco Employee

-> If you are using Im and P;

-> If you are using Im and P; there are good chances that the jabber for windows provided its connected and VPN on the windows m/c is connected ; you should receive the chat information.


-> Also in cups ( im and presence ) admin page please try to select message\settings\and check if the following option is checked or not;

"Suppress offline instant messaging";


if it is unchecked then offline messages should work and once you are connected again ; the messages should appear.


Please note this parameter is clusterwide settings.


here is a description about this field please read carefully;


"Suppress offline instant messaging"

Default Settings : Off


Check this check box if you do not want Cisco Unified Presence to store IMs that are sent to an offline contact and deliver those messages the next time the user signs in. In large deployments, this feature could require message storage space, so you may want to turn off (suppress) offline instant messages to increase performance. In enterprises with strict privacy policies, it may be required to suppress offline instant messaging and not store any offline messages on Cisco Unified Presence while the user is offline.

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Hello,I have the same exact


I have the same exact problem too.  The windows clients, if they go offline, or computer reboots, they do receive the messages once the sign back in.  However, on the iphone, anytime the vpn/connnection is dropped (like for a phone call), the messages don't show up. I just start receiving any new messages, but things sent to me in the time the phone lost internet (5 seconds, 1 minute, whatever it is), are lost.  Given the nature of running IM on the phone, the connection is going to be dropped frequently, and I would expect jabber to receive missed messages like any other IM client does.

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