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Cisco Mobile 8.0 vs Cisco Jabber (iOS)

Strange problem that a few users on my campus started noticing, that I also have been able to replicate.  I can sit at my desk (approximately 15ft. from an access point) and make a call with Cisco Jabber.  The call will be dropped within 2 minutes consistently.  With the same server settings, etc. loaded into Cisco Mobile 8.0 I can make a call to the same number, from the same location and stay connected for 30 minutes or more (as long as I tested).  2 or 3 other iOS users have been able to replicate this problem.  At least 2 of us are on iOS 5 and I believe the 3rd user is on IOS 4.3.x.




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Cisco Mobile 8.0 vs Cisco Jabber (iOS)

We're having this same issue.  We're running CUCM 8.0.3.  Cisco Mobile 8.x worked great - but the latest Jabber for iPhone ( is experiencing these issues.  We are also running iOS 5.1.1 (the latest).

This is causing alot of frustration for our users as I'm sure it is for other people also.



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Cisco Mobile 8.0 vs Cisco Jabber (iOS)

I am not a phone guy, but what it came down to is that our Phone Admin had to download a new "profile" for iPhone/Android devices to work with Jabber correctly on call manager.  Using the old Cisco mobile profile was causing the problem.  Once he loaded the new profile we have had no problems. 

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