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Contact Photos disapeared after upgrade to Jabber 10.5.1



Just testing Jabber 10.5.1. on Windows 8.1 VMWare View Virtual Desktop.

We have had Jabber 9.2 working OK now for the past year, since we moved to the virtual windows 8.1.

10.5.1 seems OK, but my contact photos have disappeared. Although it does seem to have picked up LinkedIn photos from my address book.

I have the photos on a web server and the jabber-config.xml pointing to them.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config version="1.0">   
  <PhotoUriWithToken> Pictures/%%uid%%.jpg</PhotoUriWithToken>


Nothing else has changed. Do I need to do something different in the new version?



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Hi, I also have issues with



I also have issues with photo thumbnails after upgrading my Jabber for Windows clients from v9.6 to v10.5(1): in client v9 I have them, but after upgrade to v10, all photo disappeared... I have a mix of Jabber clients: if I search a contact in v9, I see the pic. If I search the same user in Jabber v10, I don't see any pic. My thumbnails are stored in AD, not on a specific server.




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I have just had a go with the

I have just had a go with the jabber Config generator tool and for 10.5 it changes the line for the contact photos;

<UdsPhotoUriWithToken> Pictures/%%uid%%.jpg</UdsPhotoUriWithToken>

So its added UDS to the start??

Not sure how I can test this now as everyone else is still on 9.2.2. Not many use the photos yet but if I change the jabber-config file globally they may not see any.

Is there a way I can change it just for me?



What version of UCM are you

What version of UCM are you running? Cant recall if 9.1.2 does but pretty sure with 10.x you can set the CSF device to use a certain jabber config file if you upload your test one with a different name.


If that option does not clearly stand out there maybe a box called Cisco Support Field and updated it to reflect something like this configurationfile=test-config.xml


Just make sure when uploading the different name file upload it to the root of the tftp on all servers and restart the tftp service.

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Just created a new jabber

Just created a new jabber-configf.xml using the generator and selecting 10.5.

It still didn't work.

In fact it was slightly worse, as I have a photo in my outlook contacts that still works. But when I uploaded the new xml file it also disappeared.

So I have put it back as was for now.


P.S. We are on version 8.6



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Anyone got any solution for

Anyone got any solution for this?

The only user pictures I can get are local outlook contacts.


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I have it working for Windows

I have it working for Windows but MAC for some reason will not display contact photos when using UDS. FYI, I'm pointing to an external server for pictures like above. I opened a TAC case, hopefully they will be able to explain why.


Get a user to click the cog

Get a user to click the cog icon and select reset jabber and login again to see if that helps also try to re-create the jabber-config.xml file using the tool selecting 10.5 as the version, upload and restart tftp services.

Confirm as well that you are using UDS and not using LDAP, cog icon, show connection status to check.



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