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Credentials - AD integration


This is just a message on how you guys see this;

If a customer implements jabber, for windows, for phone (im and mobile), for tablet (presence and cucm) his users have to enter their user details on at least 8 different places in various apps, sometimes multiple times per app. Combine this with the advise from Cisco to implement jabber / cucm / cups with AD integration and most of our customers also implementing a password policy (change password once every 4-6 weeks), this results in a problem. The users stop using Jabber because the apps dont function and they don't bother changing all the passwords.

Cisco; are there any plans on changing this and maybe accepting a password once and only validating account status later?

Are there any plans for options to enable the usage of a single set of credentials for all features in a single app? (once ad integrated 95% of the time all credentials are equal)

Are there any plans on reducing the amount of communications/protocols the apps use. ie Cisco jabber for iPhone uses cucm, ldap, voicemail and deskphone credentials/protocols. Can't these features be handled by the cups server without asking the user for all the technicalities involved?

Just thinking with you....



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Credentials - AD integration

If your enterprise has a password expiry/retention policy, how would you suggest that Cisco develop a solution that, for all intents and purposes, defeats that policy?


Credentials - AD integration


I think there are multiple options;

- Use a PIN instead of password, or

- Authenticate/Authorise the devices instead of authenticating users, or

- Use certificates, or

- Use no authentication, well... (UDS vs LDAP, UDS in CUCM 8.6 doesnt require authentication)

- Integrate applications ASAP (Cisco Jabber for iPhone + Cisco Jabber for IM for iPhone) to reduce the amount of credential entries

- Borrow credentials (Use LDAP Credentials for CUCM, CUP, CUC, etc. (or in any other order)).

We see people getting enthousiastic about Jabber but do not use the apps because they are requesting for multiple new password entries. Sometimes the user isn't even aware of this because the apps run in the background and just sit there, being not connected, not operational. Not good for user experience!


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