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Deploy Jabber Guest Server

I am implementing about Cisco Jabber Guest Server. My system have Expressway-C, Expressway-E, Jabber Guest Server and CUCM.

I already setting follow as installation guide which everything is OK but I found some issue.


From inside, I try to call https://ipaddress of Jabber Guest server/call/1003, It's working fine.

From outside,I can browse to https://FQDN of Jabber Guest server/call/1003 but it shown error about "TURN Allocation Failed"


I checked this issue from link as below but still have the issue.


I'm sure port 3478 is not blocked and TURN server, Jabber Guest  status is Active.

I deploy dual interface on Expressway-E.

Jabber Guest Server :

Expressway-C: LAN1>

Expressway-E: LAN1>, LAN2> (Public IP NAT to this interface)


My question is:

1. Expressway-C ( required connect to Expressway-E (Public IP) or not ?

2. Expressway-E (Public IP) required connect back to Expressway-C ( ?

3. Jabber Guest Server ( required connect to Expressway-E ( or not ?


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I dont get it your questions

I dont get it your questions.

Do you get SSH tunnel between C and E was established?

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I already create Unified

I already create Unified Communications traversal link between C and E which status is Active.

My meaning is that from the files I attached. I'm not sure my problem is caused from firewall rule or network routing or not.


It is important to have a

It is important to have a user with proper rights to read/write configured in Expressway-C and also in the Call Settings of JG (the same user). This user will be used to generate a TURN short-term credential.


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