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New Member

Destination Not Reachable error in Jabber guest

My next issue, I'm able to click the call button in Jabber Guest, but it returns this error: 

"Destination not reachable. The destination associated with this link is not reachable."

I have another Expressway pair trunked to the same CUCM that is used for firewall traversal and MRA.  The URI I'm trying to dial with Jabber Guest works just fine when dialed through those Expressways, so I know that URI dialing is setup properly on the CUCM side.  I looked at the CUCM SIP traces and they aren't actually throwing a 404 not found error, it's returning a 500 internal server error.

I appreciate the great help so far!  Mike


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New Member

I may have had some SIP ports

I may have had some SIP ports misconfigured somewhere.  I doubled back and made sure everything was using 5060.  Now I'm getting a 503 service unavailable error from CUCM.  This seems like a relevant snippet from the log.  Not sure what it means though.


00683426.003 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |SIPTcp - SignalCounter = 13465
00683427.000 |14:44:37.366 |SdlSig   |SIPSPISignal                           |wait                           |SIPHandler(1,100,79,1)           |SIPTcp(1,100,71,1)               |1,100,14,9738.2^^*            |*TraceFlagOverrode
00683427.001 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/ccsip_process_sipspi_queue_event: ccsip_spi_get_msg_type returned: 2 (SIP_NETWORK_MSG), for event 1 (SIPSPI_EV_NEW_MESSAGE)
00683427.002 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipTransportProcessNWNewConnMsg: context=(nil)
00683427.003 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipConnectionManagerProcessNewConnMsg: gConnTab=0xebac0d70, addr=, port=25032, connid=179, transport=TCP
00683427.004 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/sipHolderGetConnInstance: Return existing connection for port 25032 connId 179
00683427.005 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/sipSPIAddContextToTable: Added context(0xeb6c9a98) with key=[13241] to table
00683427.006 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- sBandwidth:: enabledMask=0x0 as=0 ct=0 tias=0 maxprate=0
00683427.007 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- ngroups 0
00683427.008 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- No Session level unrecognized attributes list.
00683427.009 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nAudio=0, mDTMFP.PayloadNum=0
00683427.010 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nVideo=0
00683427.011 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nApp=0
00683427.012 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nBFCPApp=0
00683427.013 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nIXApp=0
00683427.014 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- sBandwidth:: enabledMask=0x0 as=0 ct=0 tias=0 maxprate=0
00683427.015 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- sipp:  ispres=0, role=0 vers=0 anat=0
00683427.016 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- ngroups 0
00683427.017 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- No Session level unrecognized attributes list.
00683427.018 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nAudio=0, mDTMFP.PayloadNum=0
00683427.019 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nVideo=0
00683427.020 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nApp=0
00683427.021 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nBFCPApp=0
00683427.022 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |DET-SDPMsg- nIXApp=0
00683427.023 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipSPIUpdateResponseInfo: Dialog Transaction Address,Port 25032, Transport 2, SentBy Port 5060
00683427.024 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/States/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPIChangeState: 0xeb6c9a98 : State change from (STATE_NONE, SUBSTATE_NONE)  to (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_NONE)
00683427.025 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipSPIUpdateResponseInfo: Subsq Transaction Address,Port 25032, Transport 2, SentBy Port 5060
00683427.026 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipSPIUpdateResponseInfo: Subsq Transaction Address,Port 25032, Transport 2, SentBy Port 5060
00683427.027 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Error/0x0/httpish_msg_free: Freeing NULL pointer!
00683427.028 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/SIPHandler/ccbId=13400/scbId=0/findDevicePID: Routed to SIPStationInit
00683427.029 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xeb6c9a98/sact_idle_new_message_options: ccsip_api_options_ind returned: SIP_SUCCESS
00683427.030 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/States/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPIChangeState: 0xeb6c9a98 : State change from (STATE_IDLE, SUBSTATE_NONE)  to (SIP_STATE_OPTIONS_WAIT, SUBSTATE_NONE)
00683427.031 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPIUaddCcbToTable: Added to table. ccb=0xeb6c9a98 key=9095a83a544374e8@
00683428.000 |14:44:37.366 |SdlSig   |SIPOptionsInd                          |wait                           |SIPStationInit(1,100,72,1)       |SIPHandler(1,100,79,1)           |1,100,14,9738.2^^*            |[R:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]  ccbID= 13400 --TransType=1 --TransSecurity=0 PeerAddr =
00683428.001 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |SIPStationInit: Unable to route SIP msg with connId 179
00683428.002 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |SIPStationInit: forwardSIPSignal Unable to route message, Cannot find the SIP Device with Name=, Source Port=5060, IpAddress Type=0
00683428.003 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |SIPStationInit: Could not find SIPStationD process for incoming msg on TCP (ccbid=13400 tcpindex=179 socket=
00683429.000 |14:44:37.366 |SdlSig   |SIPOptionsResp                         |wait                           |SIPHandler(1,100,79,1)           |SIPStationInit(1,100,72,1)       |1,100,14,9738.2^^*            |[T:N-H:0,N:0,L:0,V:0,Z:0,D:0]  ccbID= 13400 --TransType=1 --TransSecurity=0 PeerAddr =
00683429.001 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0/ccsip_process_sipspi_queue_event: ccsip_spi_get_msg_type returned: 3 (SIP_APPLICATION_MSG), for event 39 (SIPSPI_EV_CC_OPTIONS_RESP)
00683429.002 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPISendOptionsResponse: Associated container=0xd464d68 to Options Response
00683429.003 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPITransportSendMessage: msg=0xeb6c8850, addr=, port=25032, sentBy_port=5060, is_req=0, tran
00683429.004 |14:44:37.366 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipTransportPostSendMessage: Posting send for msg=0xeb6c8850, addr=, port=25032, connId=179 for
00683429.005 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPIFlushEventBufferQueue: There are 0 events on the internal queue that are going to b
00683429.006 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipConnectionManagerUnregisterCtxtInCon: gConnTab=0xebac0d70, addr=, port=25032, unregistering context=
00683429.007 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPITransportContextCleanup: Could not purge context gcb=0xeb6c9a98 from the connection; gc
00683429.008 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Info/0x0xeb6c9a98/sipSPIUfreeOneCCB: Freeing ccb eb6c9a98
00683429.009 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |//SIP/Stack/Transport/0x0/sipSPITransportSendMessage: gcb has cleanedup, Done with send operations for this context
00683430.000 |14:44:37.367 |SdlSig   |SIPSPISignal                           |wait                           |SIPTcp(1,100,71,1)               |SIPHandler(1,100,79,1)           |1,100,14,9738.2^^*            |*TraceFlagOverrode
00683430.001 |14:44:37.367 |AppInfo  |SIPTcp - wait_SdlSPISignal: Outgoing SIP TCP message to on port 25032 index 179
SIP/2.0 503 Service Unavailable
Via: SIP/2.0/TCP;branch=z9hG4bK6e2aa2051a44ccf1b460374e8a80a4ac2547;rport
From: <sip:>;tag=c7eda0fa0b8724d7
To: <sip:>;tag=1256491764
Date: Fri, 08 Aug 2014 18:44:37 GMT
Call-ID: 9095a83a544374e8@
CSeq: 50785 OPTIONS
Warning: 399 pub "Unable to find a device handler for the request received on port 25032 from"
Content-Length: 0

New Member

So my calls are finally

So my calls are finally connecting.  My main issue was that I had the wrong IP address in CUCM for my expressway SIP trunk.  That was why I was getting the 503 error, which I got info about here .

Now on to the next issue (no audio/video)...