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Disbale Desktop Sharing in Jabber for Windows for single users



is there possibility to administrative disabling the desktop sharing feature for selected users?

CUP and CUCM is 8.6. Jabber is 10.5. Use DesktopSharing via Chat without any phone or deskphone only.



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Hi albakom_support,On CUCM

Hi albakom_support,

On CUCM Create a new "SIP Profile" and Uncheck "Allow Presentation Sharing using BFCP" and have this new SIP Profile assigned to the user whom you want to disable Desktop Sharing.


Mohammed Noor


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hi,sorry but how to assign


sorry but how to assign SIP-Profile to user? Or user without CSF-device?


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Hi Albakom,I meant you got

Hi Albakom,

Sorry for not being specific.I meant you got assign SIP Profile to CSF Device for the user you want to block Desktop Share.


Mohammed Noor

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Hi, you could also use the



you could also use the jabber-config.xml to disable this feature:


< EnableBFCPVideoDesktopShare>false</ EnableBFCPVideoDesktopShare>


Needs to be added in the Policies group element.

Search for the new Deployment and istallation guide from Cisco. There is a very detailed description how to take care of some global settings via the jabber-config.xml at Page 336 and following.



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Hi there, you can do this

Hi there,


you can do this with config-xml files as already mentioned. But since you don't have CSFs configured you'll have to use the "TFTP_FILE_NAME" parameter while installing the client. There you link a config-xml that disabled the screen sharing feature.



Since screensharing is BFCP,

Since screensharing is BFCP, and BFCP is a media channel of a SIP phone call, how are you thinking they would be screen sharing in the first place without a CSF device?  What am I missing?

Anthony Holloway

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I am referring to the new

I am referring to the new Screen Sharing way in Jabber 10.5 for screen sharing without having a video call running:

"In addition to the video screen share (BFCP) feature that is available to video-enabled clients when on a call, users can now screen share directly from an IM conversation when video share is not provisioned or available."


Thank you for the follow up!

Thank you for the follow up!  Staying on top of every new collaboration release is a full time job and I'm obviously not doing very well.  Thanks again, this is very cool.

Anthony Holloway

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Christian,Good information


Good information.

Just want to be sure, this means if I have Jabber deployed to everyone with some of them not setup to be able to make a phone call using softphone, I will still be able to do desktop sharing for tech support or other collaboration tasks.


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