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Does Cisco Jabber have conflicts with headphones or music websites?

I received a new Bang & Olufsen EliteBook laptop in Sept 2016.  The Cisco softphone program was loaded onto the new laptop, the same program as was on my previous HP.  I was unable to use the softphone after that for any length of time.  

I have been told it is either the Google Chrome, listening to Pandora/iheartRadio or it's probably the Microsoft Chat headset.  

So our softphone administrator switched me over to test Jabber.   After 3 weeks of that, I still can't use the program. 

Once I open Jabber, I immediately click on Menu/File/Options/Audio and check the speaker and the microphone.

I have made as many as 3 phone calls before the sound shuts down.  

I thought it might be when the screen saver kicks in.  

I thought it might be when Pandora checked to see if I was "still listening".

I thought it might be the headset but I have used the headset on my personal laptop at home and it works continuously.

I have spend hours and hours with the Zions softphone Admin.  His new solution is send me a different headset to try.   He has gone through the set up and he has disabled the internal program.

Today I didn't even make a phone call,  after logging in i went to make a phone call and it was dead.   I closed everything and then reopened and went through the Menu/File/Options/Audio and verified I could hear the sound that is played.   That doesn't always work, usually I have to reboot.

VIP Purple

If the sound works for a

If the sound works for a while, then stops, and you have to get your device rebooted to fix it, then it sounds like it's an audio driver issue - especially if the audio is stopping for all the applications.

Check to see if there is an updated audio driver for your laptop's audio system (or try an older one).

PS: I have moved your discussion to the "Jabber Clients" section of the forums from the "Other" section you posted in so it will get more views by people familiar with your topic.

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Please remember to rate responses and to mark your question as answered if appropriate.
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