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Does Jabber for Windows support CUCM failover?

I've setup a Lab with the following:

- CUCM 8.6(2) Cluster (2 node)

- CUP 8.6(3) Cluster (2 node)

- Jabber for Windows 9.0.2

- IP Communicator 8.6.1 (work as Desktop Phone)

I'm testing the behavior of CUCM failover.

1) When the Jabber for Windows is in Softphone mode when I failover the active CUCM Server, I can still the Jabber as Softphone. I can still make call or answer call.

2) When the Jabber for Windows is in Desktop Phone mode when I failover the active CUCM Server, the Jabber can no longer control my IPC (which is the Desktop Phone of my Jabber). I can still send IM, but not telephony. (My IPC itself is still functioning. I can make call over there.)

3) When I try to switch the Jabber from Desktop Phone mode to Softphone mode during the active CUCM Server is down, seems the Jabber cannot register back to the CUCM as Softphone. It takes long time on "setting phone" and then looks ok, but it's actually failed. I can't find it registered at the CUCM Admin page.

Have anyone try these before? Is the above behavior normal at the current release, or have I make something wrong in the CUCM and/or CUP configuration?

Please kindly give me a hand. As it is a Lab only, I cannot open TAC case.

Thanks in advance.


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Does Jabber for Windows support CUCM failover?

When you failover the active CUCM, are you turining everything off?  For Jabber to control a deskphone, it needs to communicate with the CTIManager service on CUCM.  And if you only have this activated on the primary CUCM, when that goes down you will lose Deskphone control.

Another thing to check for is that you have a Primary and Secondary CTIManager configured in CUP, and that the User in question is associated with that profile so it knows about all the CTIManagers available when you failover.

For the last issue, if Jabber is attempting to locate a CTIManager to control a deskphone, but the end-users decides to quit waiting and select the softphone instead; Jabber should be able to quickly respond and locate/register the softphone without having to wait for the CTI request to timeout.  If this isn't happening in your case, there may be an issue with the client which TAC would need to look into.

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