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Exp neighbor zone TLS error

I'm trying to create a TLS neighbor zone between Exp-C and Jabber Guest.  I have my own internal CA signed certs on JG and Exp, but TLS is failing and Exp is throwing this error in the logs: No SSL error available, probably remote disconnect.  TCP works fine.  I've generated the CSR twice for JG and rebooted twice as well.  Not sure what is going on.  Thanks,  Mike

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Ah, needed to read a little

Ah, needed to read a little further in the JG install guide :)  I forgot to upload the CA root cert.  I would recommend adding this step to the install guide prior to configuring the neighbor zone on the expressway (or at least a note about it).  Then the neighbor zone won't error out.

Cisco Employee

Mike - Thanks for the

Mike - Thanks for the recommendation.  We'll look to update the docs accordingly the next time we rev them.



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just to clarify. Are you

just to clarify. Are you talking about uploading the CA root cert on the Expressway or the JG server?

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JG Server.  Expressway had

JG Server.  Expressway had already been fully configured including the CA root cert.

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