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How to use subdomain at Jabber with IM and Presence 10.5

I successfully have installed CUCM, CUCM IM Presence 10.5 and populate my user with msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress on the AD(sip:name@domain). 
And installed the expressway-C and expressway-E to do the MRA feature.

I am able to log on Jabber and have chat, calls, video, contact photos, contact informations and so on, but now I am trying to test the multiple IM domain feature (that is a requirements of my customer).

This is my environment:

User1 can search the User2 but the IM address shows as (because of the domain of user1).

If the user1 manually insert the contact of user2 with IM address as, they can see, chat and call each other.

So, here are my questions:

1 - Is possible to Cisco Jabber client search directly the IM address as the Directory URI? If yes, how to do that ? (I tried <IMAddress use-default="false"> and <IMAddress prefix="sip:"> msRTCSIP-PrimaryUserAddress or <UseSIPURIToResolveContacts> but does not affect nothing).

2 - Is possible to use a wildcard mask at "Unified Communications IM domains" to all my domain when generating certificate on the Expressway-E? Since all the domains will be a "subdomain". Because if I have to add a new domain at presence, must put here to jabber works external.  

Guilherme Henrique Villarinho
Community Member

Hi Could you please tell me



Could you please tell me how to change the domain name.



At IM and Presence 10.5 it is

At IM and Presence 10.5 it is possible to create many domains as you want. On the Presence Menu > Domains.

After that, I suggest you to change the Presence > Settings > Advanced configuration "IM Address Scheme" to Directory URI.


Guilherme Henrique Villarinho
Community Member

Hi Henri Thank in advanced

Hi Henri


Thank in advanced for you help.This is my first time to install jabber can you help me if i have any issue

Community Member

Hello Henri, did you solve

Hello Henri,


did you solve the Problem with the wrong IM address?


regards Achim

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