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IM Only User


I configured a user with IM Only (just IM in service profile) but Jabber For windows stills try to connect to CCMCIP for the softphone and, of course, I get an error.

I also tried to set the service profile to "none" on the user and just let "enable IM and presence..." checkbox checked but I have the same behavior

Is there any solution ?




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I am having this issue too

I am having this issue too,

Our customer has Jabber as a corporate IM standard, but only half the offices have IP phones. The sites that are just using Jabber for IM only are picking up the CCMCIP profile and Jabber produces a RED X in the lower right corner indicating it cannot CTI control a Phone. Since they don't have a phone the only thing to do is remove them from this CCMCIP profile but this is difficult to manage. 


Any ways around this?



Cisco Employee

That may be the case in 8.x ;

That may be the case in 8.x ; but should not be true for version 9.x for I'm and presence. Can you confirm what version are you talking about here. i can do some testing in lab and discuss if there would be a way around.

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I am using version 9.1x of

I am using version 9.1x of CUCM and IMP with Jabber 4 Windows 9.7.2


I have the UC Service Profile setup exactly as you described. 


And yes you are correct the red x disappears only after going into the CCMCIP profile on the IMP Server and removing the IM ONLY users from this list. This is what i'm asking, is this the only way. I find it cumbersome that there is even a CCMCIP profile at all. I have it set so that it's the default profile so all new users get the correct CCMCIP settings. But this negatively affects the IM only users. Hopeing i could avoid managing users in 2 different management windows. 

Cisco Employee

Can you confirm the following

Can you confirm the following;


-> in the associated service profile please confirm if the CTI Profile section is set to <none> for Primary/ secondary and Tertiary.


-> If this is true; go to I'm and presence admin page and then goto application\ legacy client\ ccmcip profile; while you click find and you do see a profile can you check the userid's in question are associated to this profile; if yes then you will need to remove the appropriate  uid's from profile; once that is done it should take care of the RED X  from not appearing any more.

-> Also ensure that these end users are not controlling any phone from the controlled device section in the end user profile.


Please rate if this helps.




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