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iPad TelePresence Resolutions

I've noticed there are some inconsistent resolutions depending on what you are connecting to, images below.  The only one to display a fullscreen image is the iPad to iPad connection, note the black bars at the top and bottom of the video image in the non iPad to iPad connections.

Also the transmitted camera size from the iPad is different as well, iPad to iPad the camera image show's fullscreen (see first image below).  However, anything other than an iPad to iPad connection, it displays as a 4:3 image.

Jabber iPad to Jabber iPad

jabber ipad - jabber ipad.PNG

Jabber iPad to Jabber Video (Windows)

jabber ipad - jabber video.PNG

Jabber iPad to MSE8510

jabber ipad - mse8510.PNG

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Cisco Employee

iPad TelePresence Resolutions

This may be normal behavior, depending on what the remote end is negotiating when the video is setup.  For iPad to iPad, they likely negotiate the same resolution, while iPad to Windows will negotiate a different resolution that best fits the other end-point.  There's also bandwidth adaptation to take into account; we continually monitor the stream to ensure the smoothest video experience, and if there are bandwidth or CPU problems observed, the video stream will re-negotiate mid-call to mitigate the problem.

If you can gather the CUCM or PRT from the end-point diagnostic logs during this call, you can confirm which resolution is being negotiated; which will explain why the video looks the way it does.

VIP Purple

iPad TelePresence Resolutions

After some digging around, and looking at the specs on the iPad 2, I think it is because the resolution of the display is not 16:9, but not a true 4:3 either.

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