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iPhone passcode by incoming call


I installed Jabber for iPhone 9.5 on a iPhone 4 with iOS 7.

When a incoming call is ringing the user has to type the passcode to answer the call, but when he isn't enought fast the call goes to the voicemail.

Is possible to change this settings to have a better user experience?



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iPhone passcode by incoming call


This feature is enforced by IoS, and it gives direct access to only native apps. There is nothing to do with Cisco Jabber to bypass the settings, as IoS asks for passcode before anyone can access an app.

Im not aware of any Iphone tweaking to selectively exclude application, but im not aware of any.

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Re: iPhone passcode by incoming call

Hi Issac!

Thanks you for your reply. I understand the security features of iOS, but as alternative they could offer a display-lock similar to Android...faster to unlock!

We have also security requirements, so we cannot set the Smarthphone without a passcode, but the end-user need a litte bit comfort. They expect that a Jabber call is exctacty the same as a normal mobile call.

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iPhone passcode by incoming call

Issac, I have another question and maybe you can help me: when I will be called on my Jabber iPhone, and I type the passcode I can answer the call immediately (a windows pops up, I cann answer or reject teh call). I have iOS6.1 on my iPhone.

My collegue with iOS7, after he enters the passcode, becomes no popup windows and musts open jabber to answer the call.

Do you know if this is a know issue?



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