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J4 iPad voice/video working when not CUCM connected?

Hi Guys

This one is a mystery, I have my suspicions but really need Cisco BU to confirm the scenario.


iPad <> iPad Works for Voice & Video when neither is registered to any CUCM

iPad <> J4W (LAN) Fails for Video as we would expect


Office Internet (non-CORPORATE LAN, Internet only WLAN)

No route to LAN (including no route to Tesco CUCM)

CUCM 8.6.2

Hybrid Cloud Solution (IM&P,WebEx)

J4W Client 9.0.2


IM&P: Logged into Cloud for IM&P as we would expect

IPT/TP: Since no route to Tesco CUCM the CUCM set up does not complete on the iPad client


We have managed to get a capture from a Wireless Sniffer during the scenario.

  • •- Capture Start (Wireless capture from point of User A’s iPad)
  • •- Login to Jabber for iPad (User A)
  • •- IM to User B
  • •- Call to User B
  • •- Call sets up for Video and Audio fine
  • •- Drop call
  • •- Log out of Jabber for iPad


1. Maybe the iPads are some how using the SIP messages/sessions for IM&P and the client initiated Voice/Video call is falling into that session. Since the iPads are on the same network the Media stream can pass point to point OK?

2. Could the WebEx cloud be providing the CUCM type function to redirect the iPad SIP invite to each of the iPads who then call each other p2p? The capture certainly highlights a number of different WebEx IP addressing in the communication throughout the capture, even though during most of the capture there was only the Video call taking place on each iPad

From Reverse Lookup: & >> WebEx >> Streamlined Login Experience - Streamlex

Any advice on why this works would be great.

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J4 iPad voice/video working when not CUCM connected?


ANSWERED.....Option 2 of my Theorys !!!

Webex IM&P in the cloud enables device to device (point to point) calling via the Webex Messenger Service (formerly Webex Connect). Hence you are still getting IM, Presence and Voice and Video. This is NOT using CUCM (Voice and Video) and it point to point only and is proprietary.


John Mc

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