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Jabber 10.5 and presence status in Outlook


our current server setup: CUCM 9.1.2; CUCMIM&P 9.1.1

Integrated with AD using 'mail' as User ID. E-mail domain is equal to Presence domain. 'proxyAddress' is populated as told in Jabber 9.7 Server Setup Guide (SIP:<e-mail>).

Everything works as it should in Jabber 9.7.4 but things changed in Jabber 10.5.0: users with 'proxyAddress' not set are getting their presence status displayed and vice versa.

In attachment: User2 has 'proxyAddress' set, but User1 has not.

Any ideas?

Cisco Employee

Instead of SIP:email you

Instead of SIP:email you should have SIP:JID in proxyAddress, or if it's working as it is, you might as well try removing it from other users and see if it works fine.



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Hello Jaime, What you mean by

Hello Jaime,


What you mean by "SIP: JID" ? and secondly can i get more detail, why 9.x and 10.5 are different ?




Cisco Employee

Please refer to the following

Please refer to the following guide for more help on how to get the outlook presence to work;


refer to the following topic; "Enable Presence Integration with Microsoft Outlook"


The term SIP:JID


JID means the IM address of the user; when you right click a contact in the jabber contact list and select view profile; you will get the value of the IM address.


the proxy address needs to have this information added in the following format;




where user is the user id

cupdomain is the "presence domain" or sip proxy domain name of the server



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We intially deployed sip: =>

We intially deployed sip: => email address thru office 365 and everything went well until we installed expressway and found out it does not support any special characters in the sip address so email was out and we have to fall back to UID.  This required a huge amount of effort as there was no way to script this in O365 as uid to O365 was email address. This should be looked into.  We are created a list of quirks we have found and already have several TAC cases opened on our findings with jabber 10.5 running on 10.5 backend

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In our case (I suppose it is

In our case (I suppose it is most popular case), JID=e-mail.

Why should we remove proxyAddress if the latest Cisco Server Setup Guide (for Jabber 9.7) clearly says we have to set it to JID?

Hello ssarajev, i am facing

Hello ssarajev,


i am facing the same issue, could you please confirm is it fix for you ? and how you fixed it?




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No fix so far.It seems they

No fix so far.

It seems they have changed the logic in Jabber 10.5. Since currently there's no Server Setup Guide for version 10.5, we don't want to guess and stopped deployment of Jabber.

Cisco Employee

here is the link for the

here is the link for the deployment guide for jabber for windows 10.5;


Refer to page 386 topic "Enable Presence Integration with Microsoft Outlook "


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Thank you.It is exactly what

Thank you.

It is exactly what we did and the problem we have encountered is desribed in the first post.

Seems, no Jabber for us.

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Seems, the problem is solved

Seems, the problem is solved in Jabber for Windows 10.5(1).

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