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Jabber 4 Windows Auto Update

Currently I am using jabber-config.xml to point to my update server and this works just fine.

I was looking for a way to auto seed to a set of test users so they would automaticly recieve new release versions before I deployed to the rest of the company.

First I created another directory on my update server and placed the new update and XML file there.

Next I created a jabber-config-user.xml and pointed the update URL to the new test directory. Once I dropped this in my Jabber\CSF\Config it successfully pulled down the new update from the test directory.

Now I am trying to deploy this .XML to my test users without having to physicly touch their PCs.

So i renamed the file to jabber-config-IT.XML and uploaded to my TFTP server and restarted TFTP service.

Then in CUCM I added this file name to the Cisco Support Field of their CSF- Saved and Applied. Fired up Jabber and nothing for soft phone mode or desk.

Next I tried to add the update URL to the field called:

Jabber For Windows Software Update Server URL


Are these fields still active or do they no longer work? Before when in the early adoption program of Jabber For Mac 9.1 I was able to specify a alternate .xml file in this field but now it doesnt seem to work.

Any ideas or does anyone else have another way you are testing new releases without having to physicly touch each machine?

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