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Jabber 9.2.4 Ring-No-Answer Timer Issue

Can anyone advise what config or timers I need to adjust to solve an issue with Jabber for Windows 9.2.4 in desk-phone control mode when dialing unanswered PSTN phones.

The scenario is: Call external number from Jabber client but external number keeps ringing with no answer. All IP phones (6941s) are SIP-based (not SCCP) and calls are via SIP trunk to Cisco 2921 voice gateway with ISDN PRI to PSTN.

The problem is: After ringing for a certain amount of time (approx 2 mins) the Jabber conversation window closes as though the call has ended and the caller hears a constant disconect tone but they cannot end the call via Jabber (as it no longer appears) and the user has to end the call via the handset using Cancel softkey. This does not appear to be a problem for internal calls by the way.

Is there any way to synchonise the Jabber client and IP phone timers (or gateway timers) so that both disconnect after max ring time and the caller does not hear the tone?

This is very confusing for the users at the site where I have just deployed UCM 9.1 and Jabber as they are using headsets and the disconnect tone is quite loud and very annoying.


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