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Jabber 9.2.x for Windows and UDS?

I have CallManager 9.1.2-20000-5 and have setup the Service Profile for IMP to Use UDS for Contact Resolution


However the end user logging into Jabber for Windows 9.2.0 does a search for anyone in CCMAdmin > End Users and doesn't get any results back.

if I do File > New Contact > Add to group it works fine to chat others.  But my UDS Directory searches are not working.  I have 10 users total in CallManager and not using LDAP Sync for CUCM.


What version of Jabber for Windows 9.2.x supports UDS?

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None, the install and config

None, the install and config guide clearly say it's not compatible, I just answered the same question in the morning, it's sitting just below your question as I'm replying



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Here is the working solution.

Here is the working solution.  While it is unsupported and will cause high CPU on the CallManager it can be used for testing UDS but not production. I tested this with Jabber for Windows 9.2.4 and a couple other 9.2.x versions.  The recommendation is to review the newer versions of Jabber and CallManager 10.5 for UDS/REST performance improvements or use LDAP.  But here I was stuck and needed a solution.

Create a file named jabber-config-user.xml and place into %appdata%\Roaming\Cisco\Unified Communications\Jabber\CSF\Config\

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

My understanding is that 9.2

My understanding is that 9.2.0 supported UDS, then they started getting TAC cases about 100% CPU due to UDS, so 9.2.7 and 9.6 pulled all support for UDS while they re-wrote the REST APIs, and re-introduced with improved performance.


So dis-regarding whether cisco supports UDS, can I make the 9.2.x client use UDS anyhow?  via the jabber-config-user.xml ?  It's only 40 users on this cluster and they don't have LDAP/AD. . I doub't we can touch the CPU on the server with so few users.


Or did the developers remove the functionality of UDS from all versions of 9.2.x in the C++ code is a better question?



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