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Jabber 9.6 phone field



We are trialing virtual desktops with Windows 8.1.

I obtained Jabber 9.6 and MSI 4 from the early adopter site.

There are a couple of problems though. The profile used to have a phone field, which it got from the 'ip phone' entry in AD, showing the users extention number. It now shows Work field and displays the external phone number, so it must be pulling it from the 'Telephone Number' entry. So when we ring a user it goes externally.

Also the pictures are not working. It was OK on 9.2.


Do I need another version? Is it because it was the early adopter version.



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Update on the photos not

Update on the photos not working.....

In the jabber-config.xml it has the line

<PhotoUriWithToken> Pictures/%%uid%%.jpg</PhotoUriWithToken>

On windows 8.1 in IE I cannot browse to my user photo (Obviously substituting %%uid%% for my user id)

In Firefox I can.

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Are you referring to jabber

Are you referring to jabber for windows 9.6 or did you get enrolled for jabber for windows 9.7; becuase if this is 9.6; then we dont support windows 8.1 with jabber for windows 9.6; look at the following link to get more information on the same;

here is the list of OS thats documented to be supported;


You can install Cisco Jabber for Windows on the following operating systems:

Microsoft Windows 8 32 bit
    Microsoft Windows 8 64 bit
    Microsoft Windows 7 32 bit
    Microsoft Windows 7 64 bit
    Microsoft Windows Vista 32 bit
    Microsoft Windows Vista 64 bit
    Microsoft Windows XP 32 bit with Service Pack 3


only when the next release of Jabber for windows 9.7 is out we will get to know whether the 8.1 is documented supported or not.


As far as the work number for reflecting the ipPhone field is concerned here is what you can try in the jabber-config.xml;


though every end user in AD should have a valid ipPhone number entered for his account only then this will work.





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