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Jabber 9.7.1 in Outlook 2010 presence issues


Windows 7 64-bit/32-bit

IMP 10.0.1SU1

Jabber for Windows 9.7(1)


Users running Microsoft Office 2010 are reporting that in Outlook 2010 that presence is working.  Then later in Outlook 2010 they will notice that presence status has disappeared in Outlook 2010.  Yet their Jabber  client (Windows 9.7.1) never stop showing Presence.  Just Outlook 2010 stops showing presence.  it's not all users.

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You mention both OCS2007R2

You mention both OCS2007R2 and Jabber. Are both the MOC and Jabber clients installed on the same PC? If yes this is unsupported since they both attempt to register to the same API that Office uses.

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I am seeing the same issue.

I am seeing the same issue.  When we install Jabber 9.7.1 the presence bubbles in outlook disappear (not just grayed out).  As part of the installation process we removed Microsoft OCS but the issue seems to be related to the registry entry HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\IM Providers\Cisco Jabber\"UpAndRunning"=dword:00000001 being missing.


If i manually add that field the presence bubbles re-appear in Outlook.

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We are running Lync 2010 with

We are running Lync 2010 with Outlook 2010 for IM/Presence/Video/Conf. 

We want to use Jabber for voice only. 

We can run it on the same PC.  We had to install with the option CLICK2X=DISABLE to prevent Jabber from writing IM keys to the registry.

The only problem that we have is when we close Jabber, it stops Lync Prensence to be displayed in Outlook.  That's because when closing Jabber application, it write to the registry that the IM Provider is no longer running (even if Jabber is not the IM Provider).

We didn't do the tests with Lync+Outlook 2013, but the registry key is not the same for the Presence.

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Jabber for Windows 9.7.1I

Jabber for Windows 9.7.1

I have the same issue here. Rebooting solves the issue, but after a while presence dissapears again, f.a. after hybernation. Presence in Jabber works fine.

Is this issue also present in 9.7.2? I can not find any bug report that is releated with this issue.



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Sension01, This is a bug



This is a bug (CSCup44348) which will be resolved in 9.7.3.  I would also assume that 10.5 has the fix but I have not had a chance to test that.



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