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Jabber 9.7 , pizza guy with 2 @ in IM address


Testing Jabber 9.7 with both CUCM/CUPS 8.6 and CUCM/IM&P 9.1 environments.

UserID is email, e.g.

Presence Domain is also set as

So IM address of user is

When creating custom contact I enter the whole (and so long string...) but when editing / viewing profile, what's after the second @ has been stripped off. sad


According to you, bug or design intent ? How can I deal with this double @ considering the whole architecture ?

When using email as UserID there's a lot of foreseen headache trying to setup a working IM Federation or Jabber Mobile through Expressway 8.1.1 crying




The @ character isn't allowed

The @ character isn't allowed for the jid node identifier.

You may also have a look here:

What was the solution to the

What was the solution to the double @ in Jabber Chat IM Address.

No solution yet.I suppose the

No solution yet.

I suppose the trend is to use email as the federating contact, so it won't be an issue.

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