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Jabber, a useless tool without popups

We have just introduced Jabber to the project here, and its of no use at all without popups,  the only option of warning is to play sound, and that's not particle in the corporate arena, and reading a previous thread + 2 years long, it rather looks like the product is a dead in terms of useful enhancements, so we will have to look for something better. It seems to be a waste of development effort if Jabber cant do the most essential feature of communications i.e. get someone's attention, a fairly basic requirement.

Cisco, when will there be a version that's usable?

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I've used products from other

I've used products from other vendors and now use Jabber at my current company.  I find that I am missing messages constantly.  My audio is not off, but very low volume.  I often see the Jabber icon flashing an hour after a message is received...  I respond better to email.


Other IM tools I have used always pop-up.  There is usually an option to hide pop-ups when you need to like if you are doing a presentation, etc.  But this is really important.

Have you guys used Jabber 10

Have you guys used Jabber 10.5 yet? This has Mac-esque notifications now that slide out if Jabber isn't the primary application at the time.

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