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New Member

Jabber Cached Contact Photo

In reference to this post DATE 2012:


Ok so if we have a new user and gets added to contact list before his photo is added to AD he will remain a grey head unless cache is cleared. This is not feasable for 700 users. Look this was dated 2012 and a reply asking for a roadmap for dynamic update that never recieved a reply. Yet we are getting fed features and ignoring these basic request (umm spell check was released for LYNC last month). I really could care less if my home phone can ring with my jabber if I cannot even have a updated photo display correctly.


When the VP of our company updates a photo and then complains that no one can see the update then this simple issue becomes a BIG problem.


Again I ask what is the plan to resolve these basic issue we continue to see?

Cisco Employee

have you checked the

have you checked the following link for Jabber for windows 9.7;


it clearly confirms that the following defect is resolved in this release;

CSCum12467 : New AD photos do not populate in client

You should try to check if this release helps you get the answers.


Please rate if the above information helps.

New Member

That only addresses when

That only addresses when photos do not populate to client, it does not speak at all in regards to dynamic updating of contact photos for on prim deployment.


In addition, there is no mention of spell check.

Cisco Employee

Here is what it should do now

Here is what it should do now;


1. After doing Right click -> View profile on the contact, new or updated photo should appear 
2. After restarting client, new and updated photos should appear for contacts


dynamic update though wont happen until you restart the client.


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