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Jabber Can't Communicate with CUCM Because Application Account Has Expired Password

In regard to bug CSCVD11472, it's important to note that if the Application User account that Jabber employs to communicate with CUCM has a password that expires, Jabber will no longer work.  Also, if the account is deleted, Jabber tries the next user in the list and if that account has an expired get the idea.  Fortunately, you can discover the "list" of users that Jabber will employ with the following command:

run sql SELECT from applicationuser AU, applicationuserdirgroupmap ADGM, functionroledirgroupmap FRDM, functionrole FR, credential CR where AU.pkid = ADGM.fkapplicationuser and ADGM.fkdirgroup = FRDM.fkdirgroup and FRDM.fkfunctionrole = FR.pkid and = "Standard CCM Admin Users" and AU.pkid = CR.fkapplicationuser and CR.credentials IS NOT NULL

If you're concerned (as we are) about some sort of an administrator's user account being chosen as opposed to some sort of a "service account", or for that matter an account specifically configured for some other service, we found a workaround.  First, discover the account that Jabber will use with the above command, and then change the name on that account to conform with whatever "service account" nomenclature you have.  That account will continue to be used by Jabber even with the new name.  Then if you need to create a new application account for the user (or whatever) using the old account name, you can do so and Jabber will ignore it.

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