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Jabber Cannot Control Desk Phone

I know, I know.  A well-worn topic.  But it's just not happening for me, and I'm new to Presence 9.1  This is a new installation. Also using CUCM 9.1 and Jabber 9.2.6.  I don't even know where the Jabber error logs are.

Anyway, when I try to get Jabber to control the desk phone, it doesn't work and when I look at the connection status, I get an error stating that there is a connection error to the CTI server.  That server is my CUCM Subscriber.  I am LDAP integrated, but we are pointing the a global catalog.  The CCMCIP service is running, the profile is created and the user is associated with it.  On the CUCM user, the phone is associated to the user, the line is set up as the primary extension, and the user is in the Standard CTI and Standard CCMUSER groups.  The user is configured to use IM and Presence, and the profile is selected.  On the phone, the user is set as the owner and the line appearance is set to the user.

The two things I've seen that might be issues are that we are using the following LDAP filter:


I didn't create this and I don't know enough about filters yet to know if this is good.

Secondly, in my past experience, the configurations for the CTI service (i.e. "cti_1.1.1.1_cti_tcp_host_synced_000" - not the real IP) have always been created automatically, but they had to be created manally for this install.  I don't know if that's a function of 9.1 or if there's an integration issue.

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Re: Jabber Cannot Control Desk Phone

Hey Refran,

I had the same issue when doing a LAB installation.

My problem was, that I sometimes used DNS names and sometimes IP Addresses.

After I changed everything to IP Adresses, Jabber was able to connect to the CTI Server.

How did you configure your Servers of CUCM (System--> Server) and the Integration of CUPS and CUCM?

Here a log of Jabber:


Via: SIP/2.0/UDP;branch=z9hG4bK000001b4

From: <sip:+41417xxxxx@>;tag=001d72c593ae000200004084-00002998

To: <sip:+41417xxxxx@-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- here you should see theIP, but in my case this was missing

Call-ID: 001d72c5-93ae0002-00002112-00007864@

Max-Forwards: 70

Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2013 21:33:58 GMT


User-Agent: Cisco-CSF/9.3.1

My recommendation for your is to test again, after changing everything to IP Adresses.

Otherwise, you can also change the hostfile of the client

Best regards


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Re: Jabber Cannot Control Desk Phone

After a fair amount of research, I found that that the issue was that I was using 99XX series phones and they require the user to have additional rights.  The user of the phone has to be in the Standard CTI Enabled group (which I had), but the user also had to be in the Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones Supporting Connected Xfer and Conf group.

Just for the sake of being complete, the research also mentioned that if you're using 69XX series phones, users have to be in the Standard CTI Allow Control of Phones Supporting Rollover Mode group.

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