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Jabber Client - All Company Contact List

I am setting up Jabber (9.7) for one of my customers and they want everyone to just log in and have the entire company already in their contact list.  That seems like a reasonable request however I cannot figure out how to do it other then searching for each person and adding them to your contact list.  Please tell me that there is a better way.


The customer is AD integrated, the rest of the users should just be there on first login but that does not appear to be the case unless I'm wrong which happens frequently lately.


How many users are in AD

How many users are in AD/Company?

Under CUPAdmin>  Presence > Settings is a maximum contact list. Normally it's around 200 people or so.  I don't see this is doable without a lot of horsepower.

Every time you open Jabber your sending/requesting Presence Subscription information, etc.  Every change the occurs the client sends your status.  Imagine in a meeting beign sent to two thousand clients every time a action (busy/free/away) occurs?

Jabber isn't really a address book like Outlook.


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There is a way (via bulk

There is a way (via bulk administration on the presence server), but DON'T ever do that!

The thing is, you can add contacts but you can't delete/remove them! So you have to explain your users why you can add new users via the presence server but why they have to delete them (locally) from their Jabber if a contact has gone.

A better solution would be a feature that I know from other xmpp server like openfire (active directory based roosters). I recently had a discussion with someone with the same need. He told me, that he woul open a feature request. See this discussion

Maybe you can vote/push for this feature request...

If you want to use bulk administration, I have added you a sample contact list file.

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helloYou can create contact


You can create contact lists in .xml format and then import them into Cisco Jabber.

Step 1 Open the main Cisco Jabber window.
Step 2 Select File > Import contacts....
Step 3 Browse to the location of the contact list definitions XML file.
Step 4 Select the contact list definitions file and then select Open


for example:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<fname>Adam McKenzie</fname>

<fname>Anita Perez</fname>
<fname>Nancy Fox</fname>


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Hello Ivan,I created  a

Hello Ivan,

I created  a contact  .xml file and successfully imported in jabber but my problem is

  • I am unable to "start a group chart " on the groups  which I created through xml file. If the same group created manually and added users in that group, I can get the Option. For clear understanding see the attached images.
  • In the image1 "start a group chart " option is disabled on which the group is created through xml. 
  • In the Image 2, the same option is visible on the group which is created manually.

 Please give me any suggestion on this..

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