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Jabber client is responsive but can not send chat messages

Occasionally, I will be having a text conversation in the jabber client and at some unpredictable point, I will be unable to submit what I have typed. I am able to continue to manipulate the text/buttons however when I hit Enter, nothing is submitted. The window clearly has focus and is responsive, it just does not accept Enter. I will continue to receive messages from my correspondent. To get around this I copy the text I have typed, close my chat and open a new chat window in order to submit it, which works fine.

Nothing prompts or alerts me to improper behavior. The lock still shows 'Secured to server' when this occurs.

I searched but couldn't find anything... Has anyone heard of this problem with the client? Are there any known workarounds(such as adding a submit button to the window)?

Windows 8.1, Jabber Client 9.6.0 Build 17088

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Hi I am wondering if you

Hi I am wondering if you managed to fix this problem? I have exactly the same issue and would love to know the resolution! It's annoying having to close and re-open the chat window all of the time.

Cisco Employee

This is a known defect with

This is a known defect with IE 11 that Microsoft upgraded; here is the defect for it;


Using the latest version of jabber for windows ( 9.7.0 and above) should resolve this issue.


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two years later from the

two years later from the original post..

Windows 7, IE11 and Jabber 11.5.1 here and having the same problem..

Other users sometimes have the same problem here..

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