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jabber-config.xml and Jabber for WIndows 9.7.1

CUCM 10.0.1 and IMP 10.0.01

Which wins?

    The Jabber-config.xml  or the Service Profile?


I’ve heard different feedback from various TAC engineers.  All disagreeing with each other :)


Note: In instances where a Service Profile and the configuration file are present, settings in the Service Profile

take priority.

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Cisco Employee

Apparently, it depends after

Apparently, it depends after reading this:

• Cisco Jabber only retrieves configuration from service profiles on Cisco Unified Communications
Manager if the client gets the _cisco-uds SRV record from a DNS query


The client always checks the cache for manual settings. The manual settings also take higher priority over
SRV records and the bootstrap file. For this reason, if you decide to deploy SRV records and use service
discovery, you must override the manual settings from the initial launch.

However, I created the service profile for LDAP in my lab, and Jabber wouldn't resolve names from my LDAP. Only after setting this in the .xml, it worked. I'd say, that the .xml takes priority.




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Hi,we would like to use


we would like to use service profiles to have some LDAP directories for different groups of users.

We configured the DNS SRV records _cisco-uds and _cuplogin, and Jabber can login automatically, but the directory where Jabber search is always the LDAP of its domain controller.

Why ignore Jabber the service profiles?

We have no more jabber-config.xml file on the tftp...



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You have been helping me in another thread today around this same issue. (thanks by the way, you are very helpful). 

This is the same problem I am fighting. I have a mixed environment of users that have all jabber features and some that are IM only. 

We currently use the _cisco-uds SRV record and the clients download the service profiles fine. I am just trying to figure out how to disable the Recent, voicemail and CTI options on jabber for those users who do not need them.



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