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Jabber dials 10 digits instead of 4 digit extension

Title pretty much explains it.

Jabber 10.6.7 for Windows when users click on the green phone icon to dial another user, you can see where it shows the users full number. All ten digits. However, this creates a problem as the desk phones do not show up the calling users extension on the receiving users phone. In case I muddled through that explanation it happens as such:

I call someone on my contact list by clicking the green phone icon.

It dials the ten digit number but not the 4 digit extension which of course makes it so people can't tell who is calling.

Is there a translation pattern that needs to be setup or something in the config file? I'm at a bit of a loss.

Cisco Employee

Jabber will dial whatever you

Jabber will dial whatever you have in your directory source for the users, which I'm guessing is the 10 digits, and that is the correct behavior, you would need to use dial rules, or translation patterns to fix that.



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You're correct, it shows the

You're correct, it shows the ten digits. I created an application dial rule once before to append "9" to the front of a ten digit number to allow users to call outside numbers without having to type in 9 before it. I assume I will have to do something similar?

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