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Jabber for IPAD photo issue

Hi Guys,


We are testing the jabber for ipad now and the contact photos do not show up, this really have confused me for several days, here's the information:


IM & Presence version:9.1

CUCM version:9.1

Jabber for IPAD version: 9.6


Everything works fine (contact phone number, call, etc) except for the contact photo. We've already mapped the LDAP attributes at IM & Presence: Application > Legecy Clients > Settings, we fill in the attribute of photo with the URL And we can open the picture with that URL in the browser , however, the photo does not display at our Jabber clients. Can anybody help me with this? We use IIS for the web service.

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The same situlation exists on

The same situlation exists on my windows client. I use the xml file to show the photo and disallow the file type which cannot be transferred. however, only the contact photo does not show up. Someone please help me.... Thanks so much

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For just now, i deleted the

For just now, i deleted the contact cache at my windows PC and re-login the Jabber, then the photos show up successfully, however, the Jabber for IPAD&Iphone still refuse to show me the photos even though i re-installed them for several times.

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Can you share the content of

Can you share the content of jabber-config.xml ; i can review and if needed correct it to get the contact photo to work.


< you can screen that ip address and uid and password that may b in use while sharing>

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The J4W works fine now and

The J4W works fine now and the photos show up successfully, the problem now is all about the jabber for ipad. I think the jabber-config.xml is just related to the J4W and what affects the Jabber for ipad is the LDAP attributes map at IM & Presence, isn't it :)?

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The jabber for iPad version 9

The jabber for iPad version 9.6 does need jabber-config.xml for ldap directory resolution and contact photo resolution; please read the following document;


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Hi, Thanks for your relply



Thanks for your relply and here's my jabber-config.xml:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<config version="1.0">


I use thumbnailPhoto to retrieve the photo now and still, J4W works fine and the Jabber for IPAD cannot retrieve any attribute from the MS AD

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please find the file

please find the file information corrected <i will only edit a section from the above file>;












few important points to note:

The above paragraph needs to be adjusted in your file.

Jabber for ipad in 9.6 should be able to get thumbnail photo source by default provided this information is successfully replicated across all the global catalogues.


"BDIPresenceDomain" is the value of the sip proxy domain name of cups. In order to find out what is the sip proxy domain name in your case here is what you can do;

go to cups admin page\ click system\ cluster topology \  click settings\  on the rt. hand side check what is the value specified under Domain Name; and then ensure that is implemented under "BDIPresenceDomain" in the jabber-config.xml

"BDIPrimaryServerName" needs to be the address of preferably a global catalogue if you are using a Microsoft AD server.

"BDIConnectionUsername" Expecting your AD ldap domain name is the format in which you would like the "BDIConnectionUsername" is


where alias is the userid/alias of the user which has read access for AD.


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