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Jabber for iPad with VCS expressway

I'm trying to figure out how to register an iPad with Jabber to a VCS expressway.  There isn't any TMS or anthing, just a simple VCS.  Has anyone done this, if so can you outline the steps.  I looked at the Jabber for iPad admin guide and it's doesn't really help.                  

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Jabber for iPad with VCS expressway

If this is a "Starter Pack Express" the jabber ipad client is currently not supported.

If its a standard VCS-C or VCS-E it would require TMS and enabled provisioning and a specifc

configuration for the jabbertablet version.

So with the current info you provided: no in this current deployment its not possible

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Jabber for iPad with VCS expressway

Not sure if you have access to the Bug Toolkit, but this will be addressed in the X7.2.1 release.

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Jabber for iPad with VCS expressway


I was reading this post and Im not clear about this:

If my customer has jabber for IPAD and several SX20 and one MCU. Can Jabber for ipad be registered to the VCS-E?? and SX20s to the VCS ??

If jabber clients are registered to the VCS-E? Do I need a VPN client on those IPADS?

Who is handle the MCU? the VCS?

this deployment is a kind of confuse because this customer already has avaya aura communication with session manager, but I read that integration with VCS can be done uysing SIP trunk so I think that is a not very issue ( Hope I right)


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