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Jabber for IPhone and Directory lookup rules.

At a client I have some problems with getting the Directory lookup rules to work.

I AD the costumer has formatteded the telephoneNumber in this format:  +45 4444 XXXX

That is with 2 spaces in the phonenumber.

With Jabber for windows,cups, cucilync etc i have the choice of using "PhoneNumberMasks", so that I avoid the problem with the spaces.

But how do i do it with the directory lookup rules.

I need to make sure that I can do a lookup on 3 different calls.

Full E164 numer:     +454444XXXX

National number:     4444XXXX

Local call:               XXXX

Alt the moment i have those rules in place, but somehow I'm not getting the search for 8 digets national call.


<DialRule BeginsWith= "4444" NumDigits="8" DigitsToRemove="4" PrefixWith=""/>

<DialRule BeginsWith= "+454444" NumDigits="11" DigitsToRemove="7" PrefixWith=""/>

<DialRule BeginsWith= "" NumDigits="4" DigitsToRemove="0" PrefixWith="+454444"/>


I'm at a lost to why it's not working with 8 digtes?


Kim Nielsen

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