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Jabber for Windows 10.5.0 build 37889 - Default audio alert for IM's received - too inaudible to hear; really low volume

We are using 10.5.0 build 37889 and since installing it several people are wanting to run from it and FAST.  We are missing IM alert notifications.  The default sound file that seems we have been LOCKED INTO is ridiculously inadequate.

Please advise if anyone has a work around to replace the default imAlert.wav file with something else.  Due to how annoyingly inaudible this is - Star Trek phasers is my mood right now.

I have tried renaming the audio file and replacing with several others that have been renamed - but it just gets worse:      NO SOUND gets played.

It almost seems if this is intentionally limited for a reason that I cannot wrap my head around.


Please advise on a workaround asap - we are on a trial phase - but if this is what the final product will look like - I and a number of others will be voting this off the island.


Community Member

Any updates on this? We just

Any updates on this? We just upgraded from Connect and the new IM Alert really sucks...can't hear it at all.

Like the OP, I replaced the imAlert.wav with the alert sound from Connect and now it plays nothing.

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The only "update" I received

The only "update" I received was a private message about not being too negative making a post.  "It doesnt help anyone".


So to answer your question - I assume we are just supposed to  "Deal with it"


Cisco Employee

Hi,This feature is not


This feature is not supported in Jabber client at the moment.



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