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Jabber for Windows 10.5 Intermittently Crashing for some users.

I have 2 users out of about 20 that are using Jabber for Windows 10.5 and it keeps crashing out for them. I cannot isolate anything that is causing it on their 2 systems. One user is running windows 7 64bit and the other is using remote desktop services on our windows 2008 R2 server. All other RDS users are not having the issue just this one user. Also I do not see anything that looks funny in the logs at all. Unless I am looking at the wrong ones. I am attaching the log from the windows 7 user for the last time it crashed. I dont see any hints to anything though.


Any help is much appreciated as it is crashing for them 5-6 times a day.


Thank You

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My problem started after i

My problem started after i received a forced weekly update, and my computer rebooted  the only change i noticed was a update to Firefox  then issue continued until i received the next weekly update that also updated Firefox.  I may be shooting in the dark here  but compare the version of Firefox  of the two users with the issue to a few users without the issue. This is of course  only if Firefox is allowed in your environment. I was about to open a TAC case  Im using version 10.5.2  and jabber consistently crashed  before i was able to send an IM to anyone

Hope this helps

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I have the same issue with 

I have the same issue with  jabber 4.8

Jabber is taking 100% CPU on new toshiba Laptop Z30+new Win 7 64 bit install

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I tried removing firefox and

I tried removing firefox and rebooting/reinstalling Jabber with no luck.  I reimaged my machine and loaded 10.5.2 fresh install with no previous versions and still getting the random crash.  Also, I have users who say it has crashed on them during a WebEx and have had installation problems when upgrading from 9.x to 10.5.x.  Version 9 is very solid, sticking with 9.7.5.  I have about 10% of my test users having varying problems with version 10.5.x, waiting till the next release.  Hopefully Cisco will spend a few more weeks testing the next one before publishing it on their site.



Also, when you finally get frustrated and want to downgrade, Jabber 10.5.x doesn't uninstall completely and you end up with an error like the image attached when you try to install v9.7.5 for example and can't install Jabber even after rebooting.  I had to run Microsoft Fix It install/Uninstall option and tell it to uninstall Jabber before Windows allowed me to install an older version of Jabber.  Not too happy with this release.  Strange enough though, some of my users have the exact same laptop I do, same windows build, same patches, etc, and it works fine for them.  Anyway, not deploying this one.  Good luck.

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