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Jabber for Windows 9.7.1 UDS Integration and EMail as UserID results in wrong IM Address

Hello everyone-

I am experiencing a Problem with the following configuration on CUCM 10.0.1, IM&P 10.0.1 and J4W 9.7.1.

I imported all Users via LDAP into CUCM with their mail Address as UserID. In Presence i set the address scheme to directory-uri.

Now the Im Address in Presence seems correct to me as "user@domain.zz"

When i open Jabber, which is UDS integrated, and view a Profile for a contact i can see that the IM Address changed to "user@domain.zz@domain.zz".

I believe the mandatory directory parameter <PresenceDomain>Domain address of your Presence server</PresenceDomain> in the jabber-config is responsible for this.

Is there any way to prohibit the append of the Presence Domain ?

Thanks a lot in advance

Björn Engel


Cisco Employee

No, that's a known issue, JID

No, that's a known issue, JID is composed of whatever you are syncing for userID+Jabber domain, so you end up with two @s if you choose the mail as field to sync.



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Hi Jaime, thank you for your

Hi Jaime, thank you for your answer-

Referring to the admin guide (page 18ff), i interpreted that when i am using the directory-uri it should be possible to use the Email Adress as UserID. Inside the IM&P database the correct IM Address is shown. It looks like a problem of the client. The deletion of the working directories and restart of Jabber didnt change the behavior. It seems to me that the client adds the second @domain.zz by itself. I didnt find any compatibility matrix for this new introduced feature...


Thanks again

What is the bug id?

What is the bug id?

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I found the following:https:/

I found the following:


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