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Jabber for Windows 9.7.2 Service Discovery Problem


Just recently upgraded to Jabber Windows client 9.7.2.  I'm running CUCM and CUP 8.6.  I have the _cuplogin._tcp SRV record also.  The problem is that when I select Automatic in the account type.  The service discovery seems to hit the webex messenger as it is prompting me login for it  but I don't have this set-up.  I don't have a problem if I use IM & Presence in the account type and default server, SRV works fine.  Any idea why this is happening or share relevant documentation?   Thanks.


Cisco Employee

it seems like the domain

it seems like the domain against which the DNS SRV record _cuplogin._tcp is has been created is set up for the webex connect service as well.


Quoting this guide; the webex connect request is the first service discovery request that is sent by jabber to webex cloud ;


Search by this " How the Client Discovers Available Services" and the subsquent flowchart will cover that information you are looking for.


now one of the easy ways to go around this is by testing a install using the following switch from the cli;


refer to this link for more help ;


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One or more of:
  • CUP
  •  CUCM

Lists the services that you want Jabber to exclude from Service Discovery. For example, you may have done a trial with WebEx which means that your company domain is registered on WebEx, but you do not want Jabber users to authenticate with WebEx. You want Jabber to authenticate with an on-prem CUP Server. In this case set:

Possible values are CUP, CUCM, WEBEX.

To exclude more than one service, use comma separated values. For example, to exclude CUP and CUCM, specify: EXCLUDED_SERVICES=CUP,CUCM. To exclude all services, specify: EXCLUDED_SERVICES=CUP,CUCM,WEBEX

If you exclude all services, you need to use manual configuration or bootstrap configuration to configure the Jabber Client.                                                                                  


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thanks for the reply Amit.i

thanks for the reply Amit.

i dont have a dns srv for webex.  yes, i read the same documentation and understand that http request is sent to webex cloud prior to srv lookup.  the problem is that the webex server responds intermittently to my jabber client.  from checking the log, when it asks for login to webex i see that webex server responds that my domain is a webex customer but doest not support SSO.  if i run service discovery again and get the login to jabber, then i see from the log that webex server responds my domain is not a webex customer.  anyway, i managed to find a workaround to skip webex without reinstalling jabber client and that is to put the exclusion in the jabber bootstrap file.  

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how did you fix this? i need

how did you fix this? i need to by pass webex http request also

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