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Jabber for Windows LDAP Profiles

I have been unable to find a lot of information on LDAP profiles, but I came across a blog that said that LDAP profiles are only used for Android, iphone and ipad. It stated that the only way to control the search base on Jabber for Windows is by using the jabber-config.xml file. So far this appears to be true based on my limited testing.

I have been able to integrate with OpenLDAP using the jabber-config.xml file to set the server and search base. The only problem i can see with this particular design is I would have to give all users the same LDAP profile and search settings. In our environment this will not satisify our requirements.

Does anyone know of a way where i can integrate with OpenLDAP, use the Jabber for windows client and control the LDAP search setttings on a per user basis?


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Jabber for Windows LDAP Profiles

Yes but you won't like it.

Group Configuration File Names

You specify the name of the group configuration files in the Cisco Support Field on the CSF device configuration in Cisco Unified Communications Manager.

If you remove the name of the group configuration file in the CSF device configuration on Cisco Unified Communications Manager, Cisco Jabber for Windows detects the change, prompts the users to sign out, and loads the global configuration file. You can remove the name of the group configuration file in the CSF device configuration by deleting the entire configurationFile=group_configuration_file_name.xml string or by deleting the group configuration filename from the string.

If users have desk phone devices only, use the following command line argument to specify unique names configuration files for different groups:


See the Install Cisco Jabber for Windows chapter for more information about the command line arguments.

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Jabber for Windows LDAP Profiles

I noticed that if i uninstalled the windows application and re-ran the executable the new ldap settings i configured via a command line switch when executing the msi didnt take affect even though the install log shows the correct custome ldap tftp filename.

The only way that i would make the CLI custom tftp switch work was to install it on a fresh windows build. Has anyone else experienced this as well? Are there some special files or registry keys i need to delete even after the software was uninstalled via add/remove programs for the reinstall to work correctly? The behavior concerns me if we get something wrong and are forced to changing the settings on reinstall.

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