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Jabber for Windows UserSearchFields to include AD PreferredName field?

Is there a way to have Jabber for Windows (EDI or BDI) when doing a directory search to check the PreferredName field in AD, then if not populated check the FirstName field?


Jabber for Windows UserSearchFields to include AD PreferredName field?


For example the boss goes by Tim, but in AD he is listed as John.  His birth legal name is John but he goes by Tim.  In AD there is a Preferred Name field set to Tim.  Not all users have PreferredName populated, so in that case look at FirstName.


Can the Jabber client query to LDAP look at Preferred Name as well as Firstname?



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Configure the

Configure the PredictiveSearchFilter with the LDAP fields you want to use, in the order you want to search for them.

e.g. <PredictiveSearchFilter>uid,gn,sn</PredictiveSearchFilter>. As a result, an end-user will be able to search a contact based on 1- User ID 2- First name and 3- Last name.

Defines filters to apply to predictive search queries.

You can define multiple, comma-separated values to filter search queries.

Note   This key is only used by Cisco Jabber for iPhone and iPad when BDIUseANR is set to false. And if BDIPredictiveSearchFilter is not set, the default search filter will be used.

The default EDI value is anr=

When Cisco Jabber for Windows performs a predictive search, it issues a query using Ambiguous Name Resolution (ANR). This query disambiguates the search string and returns results that match the attributes that are set for ANR on your directory server.

You must configure your directory server to set attributes for ANR if you want the client to search for those attributes.



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Looks like NickName might

Looks like NickName might work.


Can I have only this in the jabber-config.xml file?  Nothing else?


Wondering if I can have only this in my jabber-config.xml?   Really wish I could push this via CallManager setting and not have to touch the jabber-config.xml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>

<config version="1.0">






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This can only be done via the

This can only be done via the .xml



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So here is the final story.

So here is the final story. Thanks for your help!   I spent a day looking into this and it’s working correctly now!


I noticed today that in CCMAdmin the Service Profile has checkbox for Use UDS For Resolution.  I unchecked UDS and cleared the client cache in %appdata% and restarted Jabber client.  I then search for the user and find him with the nickname or birth name.  Click on his name and View Profile I see his Display Name already has nickname and the firstname is his legal name.  Problem solved by turning off use UDS for name resolution.


Clearly in CallManager 11 under LDAP Directory and  End User > User Management they need to add displayName/Nickname field for UDS to be able to use……ps can UDS do ANR ?


Side note;  when can Mobile/Remote Access/Expressway/VCS be able to use LDAP?  It has far more details direct to LDAP than UDS (eg Fax Numbers, home address, etc).  CallManager isn’t a very good PIM compared to Outlook 2013/Active Directory.

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mmm I don't know if UDS can

mmm I don't know if UDS can do ANR.

As you know, roadmap questions cannot be addressed at the public forum, you might want to ask in the partner forum about MRA and LDAP support.

Aside from asking native support, you could write down a custom tab for LDAP search and white list it on your expressway. That way at least you could get the info.



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