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Jabber Guest installation ISO

Dear All,

From the Jabber installation guide, it said "Download JabberGuest10.x.x.x-New-Install.iso or access the file from the physical media you receive."

But from the Cisco web page, I just only see the "JabberGuest10.x.x.x-upgrade-only.iso".

Can I install Jabber guest server by using "JabberGuest10.x.x.x-upgrade-only.iso"??

Thanks all

Cisco Employee

No, you can't.

No, you can't.

Jabber Guest is typically ordered under one of the bundles – EA, CUWL, CUCM, BE6K, HCS etc. You should have one SO number for the ordering.

Customers ordering Jabber Guest should be shipped a RTU certificate and the software. Either physically (paper licenses and DVD) or electronically. 95% of orders will be electronic. Maybe you already have a download link?

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send an email to licensing

send an email to with your SO number and PAK details.They will check and send you the link to download jabber guest server.

You can use PUT tools also to get the Cisco jabber Guest server

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Have tried that but they are

Have tried that but they are requesting for a valid jabber contract no.I got one from my partner but the.ova file is missing . i can only see jabber client r for windows

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We have the EA agreements -

We have the EA agreements - so Jabber Guest is included.

Went through the PUT tool...  Got a ticket created - and...  they sent me the upgrade-only.iso file.
If I wanted a different file, I would probably have to go via PUT tool they said.

Well, that's how I got there to begin with. So, around we go...
I'll let you know if anyone ever finds a New-Install.iso file.

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After much searching, a

After much searching, a secret source deep inside a hidden bunker, was able to find us an OVA.

The OVA has Jabber Guest installed already (about 700+ megs).
The file was simply just called 'JabberGuest-'

So, it's there somewhere..  but there is no ISO.  Oddly enough.

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In my own case ,the iso that

In my own case ,the iso that was sent had a different file name as shown below


as against the jabber guest-10.*.*.* new-install.iso

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Re: Jabber Guest installation ISO

Hi everyone.


In my case, I initially opened a case with Licensing team ( which replied that they did check my client's Sales Order info for eligibility but they cannot supply a download link and I should contact a Cisco representative.   Which I did and they had to open a case internally...   In the meantime they suggested to open a case with


They were the ones to give the solution, nice and faster than the internal case !

A download link was supplied for the "JabberGuest-"which actually contains the self-installing OVA.

I would suggest everyone goes with this one.


Good day everyone.

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