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New Member

Jabber incorrect address after AD name change

Jabber for Windows 10.6.7

We recently had a user get married and the people in our department that handle or AD accounts got all that swapped over. LDAP synced with CUCM and I made sure she was enabled and was a member of the correct access groups with her new name. She previously was able to login to Jabber, and technically she still can, but at the top where it would show Lastname, Firstname, instead it shows her old address. To clarify, here's some details:

Old name: Kathyrn Halter

Login: khalter

New name: Kathyrn Tabor

New login: ktabor

When she logs in with ktabor, Jabber will log in, pull her contact list and everything functions, except at the top it shows

If you search for Halter, it doesn't show up, but if you search for Tabor, you can find her, but she appears offline. You can't initiate a conversation with her,  but if she sends you a message, it is received from and you can indeed jabber back and forth with her.

We have had our AD people comb through her account and can't find any mention of khalter in there anymore. I have double checked CUCM and resynced with LDAP. I believe we use UDS in the jabber config file so I don't know if that would matter. I am just kind of at a loss here. The only thing I have been able to find odd is that even though she uses her windows login of ktabor on her PC, it appears her c:\users\username folder is still khalter. I don't think that would have anything to do with it, but I don't know and don't have the ability to change that. The techs I have talked to don't really understand how that works because if she logs in with ktabor, then her user folder should say ktabor and not khalter.

Any ideas? Cause we are fresh out.

Cisco Employee

Has her IM address been

Has her IM address been updated in IM&P?

I'd probably try to remove all the cache files and then try again, Jabber is not great at updating the cache, and relies heavily on it.



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New Member

We removed the cache

We removed the cache yesterday, but then our people found one thing in AD for khalter this morning and removed that so I will try removing the cache again. And in IM&P where do I go to update the address? I've been looking but can't find anything.

Cisco Employee

You can not change it, you

You can not change it, you can only make sure it's showing with the right info, go to the presence topology and see the users there.



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New Member

Gotcha, so I just checked and

Gotcha, so I just checked and sure enough it shows her address as  I was going to ask if that should update on it's own but it looks like that's a no.

EDIT: I don't suppose there is anyway to edit the address of a single user? I'm looking now but thought I could save some time.


New Member

Our techs that work on AD

Our techs that work on AD just informed me of another name change so we got to try and stop it before it starts. I deleted her cache locally on the PC. Reset jabber. But before we tried to logon (rharris changed to rlking) I went to presence topology and it still shows

There seems to be a failing of updating or syncing somewhere between CUCM and CUPS because unless I misunderstand it, that is where the IM&P server is getting it's user base from.

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